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State: Chhattisgarh

Geological Reserves Mt: 91.67

Status of Exploration: E

Environmental Clearance: TOR granted on 23rd October 2008). Application for EC was received on 11/05/2011. The proposal was considered in the EAC (T&C) meeting held on 28th-29th Nov. 2011. The proposal was kept in abeyance there after in view of the Order of High Court of Chhattisgarh dated 09.12.2011. Further consideration of the case was taken up vide subsequent Order dated 03.01.2012 of the High Court, in the EAC (T&C) meeting held on 23rd-24th April 2012. Response to clarifications sought by the EAC have been received vide Proponents letter dated 28.05.2012. Response to representation received on the project is still awaited. (Projects Awaiting EC(Projects received after 30th April 2009) As on 07th November 2012)

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DB Power Ltd

DB Power Ltd is a Dainik Bhaskar Group company. The group also owns Dainik Bhaskar, one of India's largest selling newspapers.

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Facing criticism for not acting on the recommendations of the Inter-Ministerial Group (IMG) for de-allocation of coal blocks, the Coal Ministry on Wednesday decided to cancel six more coal blocks of private companies and deduct bank