Gourangdih ABC

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Trans Damodar


State:West Bengal

Geographical Co-ordinates: Latitude 23° 48' 30" to 23° 49' 45"


Coal requirement (Pro.) Mtpa.:2.3

Geological Reserves Mt:68.85

Status of Exploration: E

Environmental Clearance

Date of Receipt of application for obtaining Terms of Reference : 31/12/2010Date of Consideration for TOR : 24/01/2011 Date of Award of TOR : 30/06/2011 (MoEF letter granting TOR)

Companies Involved

Himachal EMTA Power Ltd

JSW Steel Ltd

Political/Media Connections

Sajjan Jindal

Sajjan Jindal, the Chairman of JSW Steel Ltd, is the brother of Congress MP Naveen Jindal. Ujwal Upadhyaya, Chairman of EMTA, is said to be a friend of Chandan Basu, the son of former West Bengal CM Jyoti Basu.

Ujwal Upadhyaya

Mentions in the media

The government on Monday decided to deallocate one more mine - Gourangdih ABC-- jointly given to JSW Steel and Himachal EMTA besides deduction of bank guarantees of two allottees for failing to develop mines within time.

    While the Coal Ministry has so far maintained that coal blocks were allotted to private companies on the recommendations of the state government or their representatives,