Mand Raigarh



Geographical Co-ordinates: Latitude 22° 13' 35" to 22° 16' 08"


Geological Reserves Mt:965

Status of Exploration: RE

Environmental Clearance

TOR was granted on 23rd November 2009. An application dated 30.03.2011 for EC was considered in the EAC (T&C) meeting held on 18th -19th July 2011 and response dated 20.09.2011 on clarification sought by the EAC was further considered in EAC (T&C) meeting held on 17th -18th October 2011 and on 3rd-4th January 2012 and recommended for EC subject to obtaining FC. EC submitted for grant of EC subject to FC. (Projects Awaiting EC(Projects received after 30th April 2009) As on 07th November 2012)

Companies Involved