Tandsi III & Tandsi III Extension

   Pench Kannan
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Geographical Co-ordinates: Latitude 22° 09' 42" to 22° 10' 42"


Geological Reserves Mt:17.39

Status of Exploration: PE

Environmental Clearance

TOR was granted on 30th April 2009. Application for EC was received on 01/06/2010. Appl. for EC received. Clarifictaion on location vis-a-vis Pench-Satpura Tiger Corridor received from NTCA and Forest Wing of the Ministry which indicates that the poject is lcoated within the Pench-Satpura Tiger Corrifdor. In view of the above, TOR granted to Tandsi Project was withdrawn vide letter dated 27.07.2011. (Projects Awaiting EC(Projects received after 30th April 2009) As on 07th November 2012)

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