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State: Jharkhand

District: Hazaribagh and Ramgarh


Coal requirement (Pro.) Mtpa.: 2.32

Geological Reserves Mt: 92.3

Status of Exploration: E

Environmental Clearance

Environment Impact Assessment Report

The mine was granted Environmental Clearance on 24th September 2008.

This was extended in 2013, given a change in production capacity. No public hearing was conducted for this expansion:

After the 2014 Supreme Court verdict on the Coal Scam, this coal block was then won by Essar Power in the new auctions. 

Transferred environment clearance (without the conduct of a new public hearing)

Transferred forest clearance (without the conduct of new gram sabhas to ascertain consent of affected adivasi communities).

Environment compliance reports

Companies Involved

GVK Power (Govindwal Sahib) Ltd